What next? 2022 Season Comes to An End

The unstoppable passing of time, it gives me perspective and keeps me humble. As I write it is the end of the beekeeping season, the time of year where I can sit down and gather my thoughts on what happened and what to plan for in regard to next season. The 2022 bee season was …

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A Few Good Men

Our lives are truly a vapor, a wisp in time, dust on the scales when measured against eternity, past and future. However, in the short stay that sums up our life, we find certain men and women who shape our behaviors, thoughts, and actions. These people can be world renowned for their talent and gifts …

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Wax or Plastic

Wax or plastic? The recurring question regarding foundations that I use when assembling my frames for the upcoming season. For those who have no idea what foundations or frames are. Every super (box) in a beehive holds removable frames that the bees build their combs on. Common practice is to insert a foundation into the …

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Reflecting on 2021 from the beeyards

The spring of 2021 brought a new experience or some would call it an adventure my way. I had lost 90 percent of my apiary. In the moment it was trying, and difficult to come to grips with. Looking back now I still have a lot more questions then answers, as to what killed off …

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The close of another season 2019

As the 2019 season draws to a close and all the colonies are wrapped and tucked away for the cold months ahead I welcome the change in pace and workload to one that is less hectic. Centered around shop work, rendering beeswax, selling honey, making equipment and preparing for next season, along with being able …

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What are the benefits of RAW honey?

Honey contains natural nutrients and enzymes that have a variety of health benefits. This is one of the reasons honey has been used throughout history in many cultures. Today honey is used in various foods and as natural healing remedies. Here are some of the many benefits of honey. 1 Good Source of Antioxidants Raw …

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